Custom Fields stuff

David Miller justdave at
Mon Jan 31 00:42:12 UTC 2005

Just a quick note to let everyone know (in case you didn't already know 
through other channels) that I was offline most of last week, and the 
custom fields related threads seem to have exploded while I was gone. 
The size of that explosion can only mean there's debate going on (and 
I've heard that there is from other folks, too), and there's probably 
something I need to settle.  That said, I'm now faced with a huge amount 
of reading to get caught up.  If you all could give me a day or two yet 
to get caught up before you all explode on each other, I'd appreciate 
it.  Then I'll chime in and let you know where I stand on this.

I've got about 70 unread messages on this mailing list right now

Dave Miller                         
System Administrator, Mozilla Foundation
Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System

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