column selector / saving columns per query

timeless timeless at
Thu Jan 27 02:26:07 UTC 2005

robzilla wrote:
> What I've done is:
> - get rid of the "Change Columns" link at the bottom of the buglist page
> - in the query page, add a "column selector" section (collapsed by 
> default, has an "expand" button).  The column selector is a typical 
> layout: two listboxes (available/selected columns), and buttons for 
> moving between the list boxes and changing the column order (screenshot 
> at

looks kinda nice. i have two concerns, one is "Edit Off"/"Edit On", 
which doesn't mean anything to me. the other is even more trivial: stick 
a space before ( in: "Synopsis(first 60 characters)".

> 2) it only works for the "Advanced" search, and not the "Find a specific 
> bug." page
that's annoying

3. you need javascript. that's really annoying :). please see about 
leaving a way for people to select columns if they don't have javascript.

> What do you guys think - is this trunk material, or better left as a 
> personal customization?

trunk material

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