update to the default bugzilla css

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Tue Jan 25 21:39:46 UTC 2005

byron wrote:

>i've made a small number of css-only changes that draw the
>look from the bugzilla web site, currently implmented as a custom skin against
>head... i think it looks pretty, and i'm wondering if it's worth pushing for it to be
>taken up as the default style until the ui overhaul is closer to ready.
>in short: what do you think?
Overall it looks nice.  I like the smaller header, the removal of "This 
is" from the header, the header's rounded corners, the use of a sans 
serif font for UI elements (headers, labels, buttons), the removal of 
the underline decoration from linked UI elements (buttons, linked 
labels), and the updated color scheme.

I don't like the switch to a sans serif font for all text, the explicit 
reduction of font size, and the explicit specification of font face, 
however.  We should continue to use a serif font for regular text (I 
know this is controversial, but my review of the literature shows that 
sans serif is still more readable on the web at normal font sizes) and 
use the OS/browser default font size and face (since it is more likely 
to be and remain optimized for each user's machine).

I'm ambivalent about the body background, which is virtually invisible, 
and the use of a background image for the header, whose advantages over 
styled text and structure seem too slight to be worth it.

Otherwise I'm happy to see these changes get integrated into Bugzilla.  
Please file bugs in the UI component and request my review.  Note that 
in general smaller, focused patches are easier to review and quicker to 
integrate than larger patches that do many things at once, so consider 
breaking your changes up into separate patches for each change or 
related set of changes.


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