update to the default bugzilla css

Kevin Benton kevin.benton at amd.com
Tue Jan 25 16:03:03 UTC 2005

Since we're discussing the possibility of changing the UI, the text "Find a
Specific Bug" is misleading because that search can and does yield multiple
bugs.  I would rather see it changed to Simple Search.

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> Subject: update to the default bugzilla css
> ok, these are probably "fighting words" however..
> i'm sure we'll all agree that the default bugzilla look requires updating.
> with that in mind i've made a small number of css-only changes that draw
> the
> look from the bugzilla web site, currently implmented as a custom skin
> against
> head.
> you can see it at
>   http://landfill.bugzilla.org/newui/
> as a comparison, the current css is at
>   http://landfill.bugzilla.org/bugzilla-tip/
> i think it looks pretty, and i'm wondering if it's worth pushing for it to
> be
> taken up as the default style until the ui overhaul is closer to ready.
> in short: what do you think?
> -b
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