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David Miller justdave at
Mon Jan 24 16:20:22 UTC 2005

Gervase Markham wrote:
> David Miller wrote:
>> Gervase Markham wrote:
>>> But perhaps things would be clearer if Dave said why it was he chose 
>>> May and November?
>> Because those are each two months out from the freeze dates we had 
>> already chosen.
> Then the obvious follow-up question is: why did you choose March and 
> September as the freeze dates?

September was chosen because it was 6 months out from March.  March was 
chosen because it was a reasonable amount of time (or so we thought) to 
attempt to get stabilized from when we made the decision to switch to 
time-based releases.  If you're asking why we didn't change that date 
when we decided to push 2.20 back, then I'll note that the amount of 
time between now and the newly proposed 2.20 freeze date is also the 
same as the amount of time between the initial decision being made and 
the originally proposed 2.18 freeze date, difference being, we actually 
stand a chance of making it this time.  (That and we've already 
advertised March and September for freeze dates for quite a while now, 
and other than the "we need to make it more than 4 months between 2.18 
and 2.20" argument, I haven't seen any good reason why we *should* move 
it later.  The fact that we've already been advertising that date is to 
me a compelling reason to stick with it, despite the short inter-release 
delay, especially when we're confident we can make it this time.

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