Release timing

Luis Villa luis.villa at
Sun Jan 23 14:08:51 UTC 2005

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 09:00:56 -0500 (EST), Christopher Hicks 
> >> Having the freeze dates be something that people know from remember when it
> >> happened last year seems more important than exactly when we release to the
> >> world.
> >
> > That's certainly unusual logic - in that I don't know of any other project
> > which puts value on having _freezes_ at the same time each year.

Just for the record, at GNOME we've found good freeze dates are the
most important part of actually getting the release out on time. You
can say 'we'll release every six months', but if you don't freeze
appropriately, you'll never release on time.

[And yes, we've shifted our freeze dates to work around holidays; as a
heavily volunteer project we like our feature freeze to fall right
after holidays so people playing around for fun can get some hacking
time in over school breaks, work breaks, etc. I'm not sure if that is
appropriate for bugzilla or not, just an observation.]


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