Release timing

Stuart Donaldson stu at
Sun Jan 23 04:53:31 UTC 2005

Christopher Hicks wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Gervase Markham wrote:
>> I'm suggesting that we revisit that logic. One can make an argument 
>> for "releases every X months", for most sane values of X, but I can't 
>> see an argument for "freezes every X months". How is the date of a 
>> freeze important? Surely it's the release date you are trying to hit 
>> that's the important thing.
> Having the freeze dates be something that people know from remember 
> when it happened last year seems more important than exactly when we 
> release to the world.  As long as there's been a release in the last 
> year the user is going to feel like we're making progress, but the 
> developers care about the exact freeze data because presumably they 
> have something that they want in before the freeze.
At the risk of being redundant, I will try to restate my earlier comment.

I believe it would be best if Bugzilla would Freeze X months after 
release.  This gives X months of active development, and allows for 
releases approximately every X+1 month.

You don't find yourself running up against a fixed release date, causing 
artificial pressure.  (If this were a company with all paid developers, 
rather than the large number of volunteers, the fixed release dates 
could work.  But figure out why you're doing it.)

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