Packaging of Bugzilla 2.18 in Debian

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at
Wed Jan 19 07:39:25 UTC 2005

* Gervase Markham (gerv at disait :
> I don't think there's any chance of a name clash ;-) If Debian policy 
> allows them to be there, let's put them there.

I completely agree with you Gervase.

Moreover, I spoke about this issue with some Debian Developers
yesterday, telling them that I'd like to put a specific Perl Module in
/usr/share/perl5/$package and asking them if it violateis the Debian

They answered that it's up to me. Nothing in the Policy says that _only_
CPAN modules go in that place.

Second, I package another piece of software wich has also Perl modules
and I used /usr/share/perl5/$package too; and you know what, it was
accepted to enter Debian by my sponsor... (IIRC my sponsor adviced me to
use that place for my modules).

To conclude, I think that if a piece of software has to use its own
Foo::Bar Perl package, one good place to install the .pm files is

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