Release timing

Jake jake at
Wed Jan 19 02:41:04 UTC 2005

> Of note is that the freeze tends to happen before rc1 unless the trunk
> it particularly stable.  We freeze the trunk on March 15th, and then
> release rc1 and branch once we feel it's ready (at which time the trunk
> thaws, but the release isn't out until the showstopper bugs reported
> against rc1 are fixed).

So, if I understand this right, what we're currently thinking is that we
freeze March 15th. Depending on how stable the trunk is at that point (it
should be fairly stable, but we'll know for sure in early March) we
upgrade bmo on that date. Once we do the post-bmo stabilization (probably
about a 2 week timeframe) we put out 2.20rc1. Give that a week or so to
shake-down and if there's nothing major changed, put out 2.20. In an ideal
world, that would give us a release in the 1st week of April. That's still
only 3 months since 2.20 came out and seems entirely doable (manpower

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