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David Miller justdave at
Tue Jan 18 08:24:59 UTC 2005

Nick Barnes wrote:

> I thought we *did* say that releases should be 6 months apart.
> Archives, anyone?

I'm quite sure we only said that the freezes would be.

I read through this whole message and got the idea that you were 
advocating a set release date, and was fairly skeptical because I know 
from past experience that there's no way we can hold to it.  Then I read 
your last paragraph here...

>  And if you get a short freeze (i.e. if .0 is ready
> *before* the planned release date) then bring the release forward and
> you get bonus thaw time.

..and the light is starting to dawn.  I think at this point that it's 
more than reasonable to expect a freeze time of a month or less for 
2.20.  But we can just put "2.20 release on or before May 15th" on the 
roadmap...  gives us 2 months, gives people a date to look for, and 
hopefully we can deliver early. :)  Sounds like a plan to me.

Of note is that the freeze tends to happen before rc1 unless the trunk 
it particularly stable.  We freeze the trunk on March 15th, and then 
release rc1 and branch once we feel it's ready (at which time the trunk 
thaws, but the release isn't out until the showstopper bugs reported 
against rc1 are fixed).

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