Watching Bugzilla heads-up

David Miller justdave at
Fri Jan 14 06:05:10 UTC 2005

If you are among the folks who attempt to watch all Bugzilla bugs by 
watching MattyT's account (since he was the default QA), take note that 
the default QA for all components in the Bugzilla product has now been 
changed to default-qa at bugzilla.bugs.  You'll need to add this to your 
watch list if you were previously watching all Bugzilla bugs and want to 
continue doing so.  Note that I have only changed the default, so 
existing bugs still have Matty listed on them.  At some point in the 
future, we'll probably change all the open ones, but for the time being, 
you'll need to watch both.

Once that transition is complete, the main benefit this gets us is that 
you can watch Bugzilla bugs without getting everything else MattyT is 
involved in (all the Mozilla bugs he's filed, all the other Webtools 
products he QAs for, etc).

I've also created "component-name at bugzilla.bugs" style accounts for 
several of the components which I only owned because there was no one 
else to own them.  These accounts contain the same text for the "real 
name" field that the nobody at account does ("No one is 
working on this yet, feel free to take it").  The remaining components 
that still list me as the owner are the ones that I have (or should 
have) an active role in maintaining.  I'm thinking it probably wouldn't 
be a bad idea to do this with many of the other components that don't 
have particularly strong ownership also.  Components that should keep 
their owners are ones where a specific person usually has an active role 
in anything that happens in that component, such as Gerv with Reports or 
Erik with Whining.


Dave Miller                         
System Administrator, Mozilla Foundation
Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System

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