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Vlad Dascalu vladd at
Mon Jan 10 21:06:47 UTC 2005

Gerv, could you please leave your personal interpretations of what you 
consider rude and what not when you push the "Reply" button?

We aren't going to get very far away if we keep replying to the 
"emotional" part of the emails. Let's focus instead of the "rationale" 
part of them. If some of us finds it useful, including me, I propose to 
re-wrote in our minds each email so that all emotions, rudeness etc are 
dropped and all the rationale thing is kept. Then reply only to that one.

I've tried to do that, and I've also tried to do it when writing an 
email. Sometimes, it's difficult. Sometimes, it doesn't work. Either you 
all believe me that my purpose is not to be rude or something like that, 
but to express valid points related to Bugzilla development, and you try 
to reply to that one, or you don't.

I'd suggest you guys try the "rationale" thing approach and ignore 
whatever you might consider rude or impolite, because it really wasn't 
in my intention. The alternative, if you can't filter emotions out, is 
for me to stop writing anything at all, which I think will be less 
productive for Bugzilla development.


Gervase Markham wrote:

> Vlad Dascalu wrote:
>> The first rule about people management is that there is no rule. 
> No, the first rule about people management is that you do not tear 
> into them relentlessly in public, because it makes them defensive, 
> angry, bitter and upset.
> I've tried to hint, now let me be more direct:
> Vlad, please stop attacking Dave on this mailing list. You have a lot 
> of valid points to make, but the good is being swallowed up by the 
> unnecessarily aggressive, relentless and personal way in which you are 
> making them.
> Unless you have plans for a coup d'etat, or have already decided to 
> leave the project after venting your anger, then you should bear in 
> mind that you will need to work with Dave again after all this is over.
> Because a section like this seems to need including in every post I 
> make to avoid people misunderstanding me:
> - This is NOT trying to start a flamewar with Vlad
> - This is NOT saying that he or anyone else is right or wrong about
>   anything they have said regarding the development process
> - This is NOT defending the status quo in the face of calls for change
> - This is NOT suppressing debate
> It is saying that aggressive rudeness is both unnecessary and 
> extremely counter-productive.
> Gerv
> P.S. I am very aware of the possible irony, and have tried very hard 
> not to break the rule outlined in the first paragraph, by making my 
> point forcefully but not rudely. I apologise if I haven't quite 
> succeeded.
> -
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