Release schedule plans

Vlad Dascalu vladd at
Mon Jan 10 18:57:42 UTC 2005

> Everyone pretty much agreed
> that we need to set up some clear-cut rules for what can go on the
> branches when, and get those rules posted on the website for reference.

I haven't seen from the log that "everyone pretty much agreed". Can you
get some names to back up this statement?

I strongly object to the idea of enforcing clear-cut rules. What Bugzilla
development needs is a set of guidelines that should aid people into
making a decision about branches.

Commiting to clear-cut rules doesn't help anybody. It doesn't help the
users, and it doesn't help Bugzilla. You no longer have the discretion
needed in order to take decisions on a case by case basis. It gives you an
opportunity to hide behind the rules, and the ability to say that we were
simply doing things "by the book" in case something goes wrong or the
progress is not fast enough.

The first rule about people management is that there is no rule. While in
software devel and software management this changes slightly due to the
precise character that software can sometimes have, discretion is stil an
important thing to be kept as an available thing to most decision takers.

I strongly suggest to put any kind of rules for driving the branches as
mere guidelines, and to leave the branch drivers (justdave nowadays, or
branch managers if that ever picks up) the freedom to act on the best
interests of that branch and not behind some mecanical rule.


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