Need some more information about the #272620 bug

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at
Sat Jan 8 14:09:07 UTC 2005

* Gervase Markham (gerv at disait :
> Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
> >The problem is that patches for woody must be
> >only security fixes, so is there a way to apply only the security
> >patches to make our 2.14 release safe ? 
> I'm afraid not. You are going to have to review all the security bugs 
> between when we stopped supporting 2.14 and now, see if they apply, and 
> if so port the patches. :-( Sorry about that.

Looking at how hard such a work could be and at the fact that sarge is
going to replace woody, I think we might focus on solving sid/sarge

Moreover, when Bugzilla 2.18 (or 2.20) is up, I plan to package it from
scratch, in order to enhance the Bugzilla/Debian work.

So, let's focus on closing sarge/sid bugs :)

> I'm sure Dave would be happy to add you to the webtools-security group 
> in once he's happy you are definitely a Debian 
> developer ;-)

That would be a honour :) But, to be precise, I'm not really a Debian
Developer, I'm just a Debian Maintainer, see that blog entry for details

That means that I am responsible of the Bugzilla maintenance but I
cannot upload by myself new releases, I must ask my sponsor for it.
That's the difference between Debian Developers and Debian Maintainers.

> It's great that these packages are getting some love :-) Not wanting to 
> point the finger, but in the past incompatibilities and problems with 
> the Debian version of Bugzilla have led to us refusing to support it. 
> We'd love to work with you to look at making changes to Bugzilla to make 
> it easier for you to integrate it into Debian, and reduce the number of 
> differences between the versions.

That's definitely my point of view, the nearest Debian release is to
upstream, the best it is for everyone.

As soon as Bugzilla 2.18 (or 2.20, I'm not sure about the best timetable
to adopt) is out, I'll start a new packaging, and every collaborative
work with you guys will be strongly appreciated :)

Let's give Bugzilla a new face in the Debian world :)

Best regards.


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