Modifying Bugzilla to track a bug across multiple versions with different statuses

Keoni Jacobsen bugzilla-AT-obmutescentthiophen-DOT-mine-DOT-nu at nospam.invalid
Fri Jan 7 07:03:23 UTC 2005

I am the Bugzilla guru for the company I work for.  We want to modify
Bugzilla, and I was looking for advice on how to do this.  I'm not
asking for any technical help.  We have good people working on this.
(Well, it's just me, but I can handle it.)  I was trying to figure out
how to make this look for the users and managers.

Here is the situation: we have bugs and we have different versions of
our product.  We can find bugs in one version of our product, and we
know it may exist in other versions of our product.  A bug can get
fixed in one version, but, life being what it is, it may not get fixed
in other versions.

We want to be able to track what versions a bug appears in, and where
it gets fixed.  So, the single bug status isn't adequate for this.  We
can't just say a bug is resolved if it's fixed in the most recent
version if it isn't fixed in the previous version.

What we've been doing is opening up new bugs for each version.  But
it's a pain trying to keep all the bugs straight, and seeing what bugs
are really the same as other bugs, just in different versions.  It
messes up bug dependencies, and it makes it hard to link to our
customer issues.

So, I want to find a way to make things easier on everybody.  What
scheme would you suggest?


P.S. Please forgive the obfuscated E-mail address.  I'm just trying to
avoid the plague of the Internet (aka spam).

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