external searching bugzilla database, robots.txt

timeless timeless at myrealbox.com
Mon Feb 21 21:17:17 UTC 2005

Jason Remillard wrote:
> Now that I have a clue, I see that there is a bug (81920) against not 
> letting in search engines. It is marked as “will not fix”. I am not sure 
> if it was marked as do not fix because letting in search engines was 
> considered a bad idea, because the solution suggested in the bug was 
> bad, or because it was not going to be done for the current release (2.16).

i'm not going to check, but the concern we have is that
a bug will be indexed *before* someone needs to classify it as a 
security bug or confidential for some other reasons. once you've been 
indexed, you're pretty much in trouble.

one interesting implementation would be to expose the duplicates cgi and 
all bugs which have >5 duplicates but nothing else (Well, descrbe 
keywords/components/). the assumptions are that any bug w/ 5 duplicates 
has had enough time for people to decide its not sensitive or exposure 
that it's too late to keep it private.

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