column selector / saving columns per query

Greg Hendricks ghendricks at
Wed Feb 16 22:16:19 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 01 February 2005 18:10, David Miller wrote:
> robzilla wrote:
> > I'm working on revamping the "Choose Columns" functionality in my
> > installation of Bugzilla.  I want to eventually submit a patch since it
> > cleans things up real nice and provides functionality for saving
> > displayed columns per query, but since it changes a couple things, I
> > wanted some feedback.

My users have been clamoring for this functionality for a while now. I would 
love to see it happen in the next release FWIW.

> /me pokes around...
> I'm not positive that all of the necessary code is there...  I have the
> original to pull from here somewhere, and permission to use it provided
> it gets sanitized.

I have noticed that none of this current information is out there on that bug. 
Have you opened a new bug for this or will you simply add it to the existing 

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