The New Database Compatibility Layer

David Miller justdave at
Wed Feb 16 20:06:53 UTC 2005

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander wrote:

> 	When you add a new function, you must add it to the list of required
> functions in Bugzilla::DB (@_abstract_methods), and to all the database
> "drivers" we currently ship (which at the moment are MySQL and
> PostgreSQL).

Do we have a test in the test suite which ensures that all of the DB 
modules we ship are currently in compliance with the list of required 
overrides?  (So tinderbox will go red if someone checks in a patch that 
doesn't update all of them)

> 	Right now, I suspect that the minimum version of PostgreSQL that we
> will support will be either 7.3. I'm not sure if anything prevents us
> from supporting 7.2, but I also don't think that we will have any
> testing installations that use 7.2.

Just for reference, landfill has Postgres 7.3.4 installed on it currently.

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