getting first comment from longdescs for RSS support

Jason Remillard jremillardshop at
Fri Feb 11 04:34:46 UTC 2005


I am working on the RSS support for bugzilla (Bug 82878). I would like 
to get the first comment as the long description for the RSS entry. I 
seem to be able to do this ok from the mysql command prompt.

select longdescs.thetext
from longdescs, bugs
where longdescs.bug_when = bugs.creation_ts and bugs.bug_id = ?

Is this the best way to get the comment 0 from a bug. Are the time 
stamps going to match to insure that the query will always work?

It looks like I can do this just from the large DefineColumn table in 
buglist.cgi, and stay out of the code. Correct?

I am working against the latest from CVS, and plan on sending in a patch 
for latest 2.19 version.


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