Minimal version of Mail::Mailer

Vlad Dascalu vladd at
Fri Feb 11 03:07:12 UTC 2005


Without trying to reopen the reevaluation thing or something like that, 
I'd like to suggest that the email below is an example of losing the 
"big picture".

Often we don't see the forest due to the trees; there are more crucial 
things to do for regarding Bugzilla's interests rather than decreasing 
version numbers for its dependencies (with no real benefit and with the 
danger of introducing regressions).

Still, I wouldn't object to do by myself stuff like that. After all, not 
everybody is interested in the big picture and in the Bugzilla's core 
interests, and maybe people should have the liberty to open such bugs 
and persue their agenda. However, asking for help and trying to 
implicate other people into those efforts seems a little wrong to me. I 
can think of many other things where I'd like to see the community 
involved, rather then testing Mail::Mailer with an older version.

I hope this is not taken in the wrong way - it's simply a suggestion for 
improvement (regarding the goals that we should persue and the attention 
that we should give to the "big picture" issue). Without suggestions for 
improvement we can't improve :-)

Thanks a lot!

Frédéric Buclin wrote:

> In a previous mail, mkanat mentioned that Mail::Mailer 1.65 was 
> required, due to bug 277437.
> I would like to know if some of you have tested Bugzilla with a lower 
> version, such as 1.61 which seems to be the first one to use 
> "testfile" instead of "test".
> Please tell me which version(s) you use and if it works fine or not, 
> so that we can decrease the minimal version required for Mail::Mailer, 
> if possible. I opened a bug for that: bug 281522.
> Thanks a lot!
> Frédéric Buclin
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