Windows packaging on Linux ?

Kristis Makris mkgnu at
Tue Feb 8 00:22:51 UTC 2005

Has anyone found a tool that allows building packages (.exe, .msi,
whatever) under Linux ? I'm looking for something that can be scripted
and executed under Linux when a regular release of packages for other
OSs (tar.gz,deb,rpm) is issued.

Surprisingly, it seems impossible to build DOS .sfx archives using zip
(in Debian). The non-free rar utility builds such MS-DOS archives but
the resulting binary does not appear to be executable under Win2k.

There has to be a tool out there that can package files for Windows, and
even allow running a .bat file on extraction. I'm assuming when
Mantis/Bugzilla where first packaged for Windows, somebody must have
looked into this.

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