Custom fields schema

Myk Melez myk at
Wed Feb 2 17:40:17 UTC 2005

Kevin Benton wrote:

>Myk – I’m concerned about some of the numbers I’m seeing from the result
>times you posted.  I saw a number of queries at 50+ and assuming that’s in
>seconds, to me, that just doesn’t cut it.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.
The first run is often inaccurate for reasons that have little to do 
with the queries themselves, so it's not a good indicator of how fast 
queries can run. I think the average of second and subsequent runs are a 
better indicator, even for queries you want to run right "the first time".

>Granted, I'm assuming that we're migrating to handling all the fields in a
>unified way regardless of whether or not they're legacy or new.  Again, as I
>said, please correct me if I'm wrong.
I don't think that'll happen in the near future under either proposal, 
since many standard fields require special processing logic which 
initial custom fields implementations are unlikely to support (and 
probably shouldn't for rapid integration and iterative goodness). But in 
the long-term there are some standard fields that don't need much 
special processing, and custom fields are probably going to want to do 
more special processing, so the code to handle the two kinds of fields 
should converge over time.


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