Bugzilla enhancements

timeless timeless at myrealbox.com
Tue Feb 1 23:26:50 UTC 2005

Sean McAfee wrote:
> Besides an implementation of custom fields, I've made lots of local
> customizations to Transmeta's Bugzilla installation of greater or lesser
> usefulness.  I'd like to make them available to the Bugzilla community.  This
> message describes several of the more significant ones.  Comments are welcome.

these are wonderful, it'd be great to see them contributed, i hope we 
can get them in without too many fights (or really without any, since 
i'm hoping and we don't want to lose you or your work).

> As an aside


> Database utility routines

> Auto Fields

makes sense

> Bug Names


> Links


> Workflows

yum. although i have no personal need or interest, i'm sure i could find 
some at various places.

> Transactions

i can imagine uses for this

> Journaling fields

sounds familiar (the old tracker here has that)

> Quick search

neat, but i'd like an example

> Custom query results


> We have dozens of other site-local customizations, but I think I mentioned all
> of the major ones.

> Comments?

i'd be curious to hear about the others. we only have one good idea as 
customizations go, and doing it right is beyond the time i have.

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