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Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at kerio.com
Tue Feb 1 23:24:08 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 17:31 -0500, Sean McAfee wrote:
> process_query($sql, @bind [, $subref])

	Except for the subref part, that pretty much duplicates DBI's

> simple_query($sql, @bind)

	That actually duplicates DBI's selectcol_arrayref, pretty much.

> single_row_query($sql, @bind)
> Prepares a statement handle from $sql, executes it with @bind as bind
> variables, and returns the first returned row as a list.

	That's cool, but also pretty easy to handle with DBI.

> ...all over the place, so these routines will accept arrayrefs as bind
> variables as long as the corresponding placeholder is "???".  The routines
> will expand the "???" to a comma-separated list of questions marks of the
> appropriate length, and expand the corresponding array reference argument to a
> list of the elements of the array before calling execute() on the statement
> handle.

	That *is* pretty cool.

	The only thing I'd be nervous about is the fact that we ran into
trouble when we hid the DBI interface in SendSQL, and now it's a huge
effort to get rid of all that. I wouldn't want to hide it in some other
way and then have similar problems.

	What *would* be nice is a function that just handles that ???
situation, perhaps.

> Auto Fields
> -----------
> [snip]

	Sure, definitely a cool addition to custom fields, that we could work
on after the initial custom fields implementation (which, by the way,
still needs to be split into separate patches so that I can start doing
review on parts of it).

> Bug Names
> ---------
> [snip]

	That's interesting, and people have asked for similar things in the
past. It's not *so* different from aliases that it would be a high-
priority addition, but it's still probably useful to a lot of people.

> Links
> -----
> [snip]

	What sort of uses have you found for links above and beyond the
dependency stuff?

> Workflows
> ---------
> [snip]

	YES. This would be needed for any real "custom statuses" feature.

> Transactions
> ------------
> [snip]

	Interesting. Sounds like basically just an addition of a table and a
small modification to bugs_activity. Could be useful, maybe.

> Journaling fields
> -----------------

	Interesting. What use is there for this feature that gives users
functionality that they don't have with comments?

> Quick search
> ------------
> [snip]

	Interesting. It sounds like the primary use of this upstream would be
as a sort of enhancement to what we have now for Saved Searches.

> Custom query results
> --------------------
> [snip]

	If nothing else, this sounds like a much better solution for
customizing columns than the one that we have.

> Comments?

	Yeah. Submit patches. :-) File bugs, or pick some bugs that we already
have for a few of those things.

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