Patch version numbers

Jouni Heikniemi jouni at
Sun Sep 26 06:34:33 UTC 2004

A kind suggestion for people uploading patches and filling the 
"Attachment description" field:

Please use some sort of patch versioning when uploading several patches 
to a bug. When your "initial shot" gets an r-, don't name the next one 
"aarggh" or "bugs fixed", but rather give it a name that clearly 
indicates it is the second try; "v2" is what I use, but anything with 
equal information is fine.

The key benefit here is clarity. When you take several interdiffs 
between patches like "aarggh" and "nits fixed", you usually make a wrong 
interpretation at some point. Numbers are easier to read and reduce the 
risk for confusion. If you want it to be "v17: aaarggh", that's fine - 
as long as there's the numbering.

Pretty please with sugar on the top?


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