Volunteers needed for 2.18rc3 release

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Thu Sep 16 18:14:03 UTC 2004

The time has come to get 2.18rc3 out the door, finally!

We will also be releasing 2.16.7 and 2.19.1 at the same time, so we'll 
have three releases going out.

But we need a couple major non-code tasks done that most of the core 
team is too busy to take on right now.  If you can help out with any of 
these items, please give a holler!

1) We need a status update page created to let everyone know what's been
    going on in the project since we released 2.18rc1.  (we never did one
    for 2.18rc2).  There's usually a section where I give a little blurb
    about roadmap type stuff, which you can just leave space for and I'll
    add it, but primarily compiling the lists of all the things that have
    been checked in since the last status update (on all three branches!)
    and a paragraph or two about each of the new features that have been
    added on the trunk since then (most of which can be compiled by using
    the bonsai queries found on
    http://www.bugzilla.org/status/changes.html )

2) We need a page designed for the website which gives everything you
    need to know about creating and editing documentation for Bugzilla.
    This page should have the following goals in mind:
    - Make it easy for people to find things that need to be documented.
    - Make it easy for people to contribute documentation changes even if
      they don't know how to or don't have the patience to set up
    - Explain how to set up DocBook in case they do have the patience.

    The "easy to find stuff to document" section should include links to
    queries into Bugzilla for open bugs in the documentation component of
    the Bugzilla product, and for resolved bugs in any other component of
    the Bugzilla product that have the documentation, documentation2.18,
    or documentation2.16 flags requested.

    We have three branches of the documentation which are being actively
    maintained right now, and any changes being made need to be made to
    any branch it applies to.  (2.16, 2.18, and current development)

#2 above is important to me.  It'd really make my day to be able to 
release Bugzilla 2.18 with complete documentation, and the best way to 
make that happen at this point is to get lots of volunteers to help out 
with it.  Volunteers are useless if they don't know what to do, though, 
so the documentation page should be designed with that primary overall 
goal in mind.  Help the volunteers be able to make themselves useful! :) 
  Then I can include a link to that page in the 2.18rc3 announcement to 
encourage people to help out.

Going along with that, the documentation request flags are a new thing, 
and it's not as straightforward as a separate bug (but it's a time saver 
for the people working on code to just tick the box that says "this 
needs documentation" when they close the bug).  Documentation patches 
can be posted to the same bug as the code.  Request review on the patch 
when it gets posted.  We'll need to add a query to the page also that 
searches for bugs with documentation requested that have patches with 
review requested, since they won't be as easy to find with the bug being 
resolved already.  If that's all as clear as mud, please help me 
straighten it out :)


Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System
http://www.justdave.net/             http://www.bugzilla.org/

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