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Fri Sep 3 13:57:26 UTC 2004

> >> how about making it a boolean parameter (because we don't have enough)
> >> that checksetup sets to true on the first run (when the admin account is
> >> created) or to false if the parameter doesn't already exist.
> >
> > Well, careful when saying "if the parameter doesn't already exist" 
> > because on b.m.o., for one, the parameter won't exist but we don't want 
> > it on anyway.

hrm, perhaps pseudocode would make it clearer:

    updateparams // adds param(ut8) with default value of false
    if (bz database has no users)
      prompt user for admin email, etc
      set param(ut8) to true

> Why wouldn't the paramater exist?  Don't all of the config parameters 
> exist in every install?  Am I missing some fundamental facet of how bz 
> works?

when you add a parameter to, it's doesn't exist in data/params
until checksetup calls Bugzilla::Config::UpdateParams()

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