chinese text in bug reports?

bugzilla at bugzilla at
Fri Sep 3 01:45:14 UTC 2004

> This is set in Bugzilla/
> Locate the line that says:
> $cgi->charset("");
> Change that to:
> $cgi->charset("UTF-8");
> Bugzilla will eventually ship with this set to UTF-8, but we don't yet 
> because there's no clean way to convert legacy data, and it would break 
> anyone upgrading from an older Bugzilla.

how about making it a boolean parameter (because we don't have enough) that
checksetup sets to true on the first run (when the admin account is created)
or to false if the parameter doesn't already exist.

that way new installs will get UTF-8, existing won't, but it can be enabled

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