Bug 225221 - a primary key for longdescs

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Fri Oct 15 17:27:10 UTC 2004

Zak Greant wrote:

> MySQL, in most common use cases, will generate a sequential set of 
> integers. As rows are deleted, the corresponding integers will not be 
> re-used. The exceptions to this are multi-column primary keys with 
> auto_increment fields and some versions of MySQL > 3 years old.
> Still, why rely on a feature that is only supported by one database? It 
> seems better to be more independent. <shrug>

This would only be in the upgrade code, and there are no non-MySQL 
databases that we care about upgrading at the moment (because we don't 
actually support any others yet).  Assuming this code lands before the 
database independence stuff does, it won't need to work on anything 
other than MySQL.

The table in question has potentionally a hundred thousand or more rows 
in it already, with no existing primary key.  There's a bug ID and a 
datestamp, which are sorted on when it's loaded currently.

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