What are bugs? Are bugs really work items?

Mick Weiss micklweiss at gmx.net
Sun Oct 10 01:26:15 UTC 2004

Christopher Hicks wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Oct 2004, Mick Weiss wrote:
>> Christopher Hicks wrote:
>>> I understand that.  I respect the motivations than went into that 
>>> choice. But when other projects are being written that do bug, task, 
>>> wiki and version tracking in a seemlessly integrated way bugzilla 
>>> runs the risk of being relegated to the also-rans.  I personally 
>>> think that would be tragic and I'd rather get teeth extracted than 
>>> run PHP or Python for my daily work.
>> I resent that. I'm a PHP programmer :-P
> Feel free to program in PHP if you like.  I think you're making a 
> mistake for various OT reasons, but I've posted about this enough to 
> thoroughly tork Rasmus on a few occassions so it shouldn't too hard to 
> find.  If you want to discuss this with me off list, send me a direct 
> note.  Try Apache::ASP though.  It's my nicorette for PHP addicts.

It was a joke, leave it alone.

>> Chris, if you feel so inclined - fork this project (or create "module" 
>> addons - that could just be diffs). The whole thing could be a perl 
>> wrapper around "patch". And I think that you could feel free to post 
>> those to this list.
> I'm trying very hard to avoid forking anything.  I'd like to include 
> some patches (like custom fields) that haven't gotten much exposure and 
> that have had people begging for it for years, but I'm prepared to deal 
> with whatever the migration issues are when the bugzilla core folks 
> sanctify a custom fields patch of their own.

Good enough

>> I haven't been annoyed myself (I found it rather intriguing even 
>> though I wouldn't use it).
> Given that the target audience for this thread has been utterly silent 
> on the prime topic of the thread I'm guessing I've annoyed some folks 
> beyond caring about what I'm saying.
>> Why not open a project on sf.net bugzilla-task-management or something.

If you want to use svn just try using BerliOS (http://www.berlios.de/). 
What your looking to do has already been done and it is quite popular.

> I've played with running a sourceforge project and it was severely 
> lacking.  For one thing, I want to use svn instead of cvs.  But when you 
> get right down to it a lot of what I'm looking at doing is creating 
> something that's going to compete with sourceforge.  And I fully intend 
> to eat my own dogfood throughout this process.  I have servers.  I have 
> bandwidth.  I just want some better tools to deal with an increasingly 
> workload.  Bugzilla runs my life in some senses and I'd like to spend 
> less time on overhead and more time on doing what people are asking for.
>> I'm sure you could find people interested in this.
> There are a couple so far.  Previous times this topic has come up there 
> was no interest whatsoever, so two folks is sounding much better than 
> squeezing out all the time myself.

Fair enough.

>> Hell, I'd even volunteer to set this up and help develop something 
>> like this (even though I probably wouldn't use it). Send me a message 
>> about who is interested.
> We're setting up a mailing list next, and then a wiki, and soon after a 
> dedicated server for folks that want to work on the project.  I haven't 
> asked anyone who's privately emailed me if sharing their names is OK, so 
> I'm going to leave that to them in their own good time.
>> I'm sure Dave would be willing to even link to the project from 
>> www.bugzilla.org if it actually becomes usable.
> I'd love to get it to the point that it would be a relevant question.
>> Hell, it could even be something more general like: bugzilla-addons 
>> with un-approved addons for bugzilla (addons that don't follow the 
>> design goals of bugzilla).
> That's the gist of the idea.

Sounds good. Go for it.

Best Regards,

- Mick

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>> Just my 2 cents.
> Thanks for responding.


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