enforcing access is via urlbase

bugzilla at glob.com.au bugzilla at glob.com.au
Fri Oct 1 01:15:15 UTC 2004

> > Other than that, I think it's probably a fine idea. Of course, it
> > really belongs in the .htaccess file as a RewriteRule, or something like
> > that. It's a doc note, I think, as part of the installation guide, more
> > than an option in Bugzilla.

RewriteRule is ok, as long as you remember to exclude files such as

> Another point is that if the end-user is using HTTP/1.0 to access 
> Bugzilla, then there is no way for Bugzilla to know which hostname they 
> used. (although we can certainly tell if they're using SSL or not)

ah.  i'd forgotten about that.  that would be a show stopper.

/me shelfs idea

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