Bugzilla+SXIP, pending release

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Sat Nov 27 17:55:16 UTC 2004

Andy Smith wrote:
>     Great efforts were made (per request of the development community) during
> the writing of these modules to modify as little of the Bugzilla code as
> possible, 

Indeed - thanks very much for making that effort.

> and to that extent it is possible to use the authentication without
> changing anything except for defparams.pl, 

Hmm. Presumably the SXIP auth modules are picked up automatically, but 
you need some configuration variables for them as well?

LDAP has the same problem. I wonder: can we make auth modules queryable 
to find out what config they need, and then present it?

> however, for the most complete
> integration one will have to make modifications to a few templates, and,
> unfortunately, one of the cgi scripts.
>     With any luck, these modifications will become less and less necessary
> as Bugzilla develops the ability to handle more and more external resources.

Have you filed bugs on the changes necessary here?

If you want to contribute the code to the main Bugzilla tree, you'd need 
to discuss that with Dave.


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