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Tue Nov 23 19:32:46 UTC 2004

I agree completely.  The question is, how do you specify the assign_to and
qa contacts?  Maybe that ought to be defined at the classification level, or
for those who don't use classification, at the Bugzilla system config level.
I think Jason's idea of a checkbox to determine whether or not new bugs can
be assigned to the group is also appropriate.  While we're at it, it seems
to me that the "creation of new groups" for the product being created ought
to be optional (via a checkbox) as well.  There are installations out there
that don't use the group security features and creating new groups is just
adding more work for BZ and the sys admin.


P.S.  Nice discussion :)

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On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, timeless wrote:

> if it should, then the product should be closed to new bugs by default 
> to prevent people from being able to dump bugs before the admin really 
> sets it up...

okay, seems reasonable. that can be done just by default checking the 

> i'm pretty sure i'm in the anti camp, but i don't have energy to figure 
> out why.

it is more fun there

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