Feature Request: More customizable terms

Jake jake at bugzilla.org
Mon Nov 22 19:23:46 UTC 2004

Just to chime in with my $0.02 here, while I do see a lot of debate in
this bug on customzing terms via the template, I'm gonna ignore that
general discussion and kinda swing this in a slightly different direction.
The particular request being made here, IMHO, should not be solved in this
manner at all. I'm writing this message offline so I don't have the
ability to search for it, but it seems like there's a bug out there
somewhere about making it easier to customize these drop-downs. I believe
it also has to do with removing the enums from Bugzilla altogether. While
that wouldn't solve everybody's problems (like people who want to rename
OS or Product, it would solve this particular issue quite nicely.

And as to your question about the gray state of enhancements in buglist.
That depends a lot on how you make the change. If you hack the code quite
serverly to simple add something like:

<option value="enhancement">NFR</option>

in order to keep storage and are careful about what other changes you make
for display issues... I suppose that would be one way, but not the way I'd

Again, I have no refrences handy as I write this, but as I recall the best
way to change this follows. I'm gonna assume that you already have a
database with some bugs set to enhancement.
1. Go localconfig and add "NFR" to the appropriate array
2. Re-run ./checksetup.pl
3. Go to Bugzilla and do a query for all bugs w/the enhancement severity
4. Do a mass change on this buglist and set the severity to NFR
5. Go back to localconfig and remove "enhancement" from that array
6. Re-run ./checksetup.pl

If you don't have any bugs already possesing the "enhancement" severity,
you can skip steps 2, 3, and 4.  Also, if you do have "enhancement" bugs,
you can do steps 3 and 4 via the database directly, but don't ask me how
offhand :)

> I'd like to be able to customize more of the terms shown in Bugzilla.
> Specifically, we'd like to be able to have "enhancement" show up as NFR
> (New
> Feature Request) without changing how it's actually stored and having to
> change every place where it's referenced in the CGI scripts.  The term
> NFR,
> besides being what our staff is used to calling them, fits better on the
> bug lists.
> I like how you can customize the term "bug" by editing one template file.
>  If we could just put more terms there and have the templates use them,
> that would be great.  Especially the enums from the database.
> Note, I'm using 2.18rc3.  Maybe this has already been done in 2.19.1?  I
> read that more is being templatized, so maybe my wish has already been
> granted.
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