[OT] Crystal Reports & Bugzilla

Mick Weiss micklweiss at gmx.net
Mon Nov 22 18:04:15 UTC 2004

Just ask in an appropriate forum/mailinglist. The developer's guide
should have it in there. I haven't checked though.

The "help" in OO does go over a "point and click" way to execute SQL. If
you record a macro, I'm sure you can go back and see how it is done w/o
the gui. I do admit that the docs suck (so damn confusing at times).

Never the less, it is a very nice tool.

- Mick

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Joel Peshkin wrote:
> Mick Weiss wrote:
>> I know this is probably going way OT, but I have discovered the 
>> wonderful world of Open Office macros - and I'm using that to create 
>> nifty 3D charts. I'm really surprised what you can do with that stuff. 
>> :-)
> Too bad that OO figures everyone will just use their "wizard" for data 
> access and assumes that they dont need to document their database 
> functions at all.  As a result, I have found it unusable and I am still 
> stuck using MSACCESS.  Sad day when you can get access to more of the 
> underlying hooks in a MS product than its OSS competitor.
> -
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