Crystal Reports & Bugzilla

Mick Weiss micklweiss at
Sat Nov 20 12:45:46 UTC 2004

Kevin Benton wrote:
> FYI all - I was able to hook up Crystal Reports 10 to BZ without any
> difficulties at all.  The process was extremely simple for me.  
> What you might find interesting is once MyODBC is installed as above, you
> can also use MS-Access's reporting functions to generate reports from your

I know this is probably going way OT, but I have discovered the 
wonderful world of Open Office macros - and I'm using that to create 
nifty 3D charts. I'm really surprised what you can do with that stuff. :-)

> Bugzilla DB as well (for those who might not want to spend the $195 retail
> for CR 10 SE).  That wouldn't be my favorite way in the world of generating
> reports for BZ, but sometimes you gotta do what the boss wants.  :-)

It also helps when your the boss ;)

- Mick

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