Standard reports

Stuart Donaldson stu at
Fri Nov 19 22:40:17 UTC 2004

Christian Robottom Reis wrote:

>On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 09:45:36AM -0800, Stuart Donaldson wrote:
>>I know I can set up bookmarks for these, but I run upwards of 30-40 
>>products, and more coming on line all the time, so having to do this 
>>specifically for each product is a big pain. 
>I suggest you change the editproducts output and add a few links that
>would generate reports on the fly using the currently selected product
>name. It stands as a good suggestion, still.
I defined in localconfig a standardreports list which defines a report 
name, description, and query, along with a period. 

I then created a pre-defined reports page which allows selecting a 
product, and a report for which it then will generate the report. It 
uses a small modification  to buglist.cgi in order to load the query 
based on the product selected and report selected, much like buglist.cgi 
can load a named query.

This goes further in that I created a script that 
will loop through each product, and create a StandardReports subcategory 
and series for each of the standard reports if the period is >=0. 

The net result is that I can manage standard reports and standard series 
data collection across multiple products by maintaining localconfig.  
Sure it would be nice to have a GUI to define the reports, but it is 
really a define the standard reports once and let it go kind of thing 
for me so the GUI is ultra-low priority.

Examples of pre-defined reports that I wanted are:
    Open - not deferred (ie: the target milestone does not contain Defer)
    OpenHot - open bugs with Major or greater severity
    InTest - resolved but not verified or closed
    LastWeek - bugs reported within the last week
    Deferred - bugs that are deferred to a later release

Again, these are all easy to do with named queries, but if you work with 
20-30 products then that becomes 100-150 named queries.

Does this approach sound reasonable?  Would this be something that 
others would find useful?


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