my wish list for the next release

Christopher Hicks chicks at
Thu Nov 18 17:32:00 UTC 2004

(1) The completion of the CSSification.  I'd love for the wikipedia look 
and feel to be an available skin.  My wife and business partner is very 
interested in doing a bugzilla skin to fit our new look and feel.

(2) The PerlOO bug interface filled out and documented.  This may already 
have happened to some degree, but I haven't looked lately.  (Is this still 

(3) All database tables to have primary keys.  The lack of this is really 
laughable and sad.  I've been slack on submitting patches because of lack 
of time and the accumulated frustrations of explaining simple database 
concepts to people that "should know", but since there's a break this 
weekend between the end of the World of Warcraft (WoW) beta and the 
release next week I'm trying to clean up my list of little tasks.** Now 
that I've publicly committed to this it'll provide me a bit more 
motivation to get over the hump of frustration.

(4) Time tracking.  The last time I looked at the patch it seemed like a 
work still in progress, but that was months ago.


"Fans of Mozilla's free, open-source Firefox browser make the
ardent Apple faithful look like a bunch of slackers."
- Rebecca Lieb at

** WoW is going to be the biggest MMORPG ever.  It totally smokes every 
other MMORPG we've ever played.  500,000 people signed up just for the 
beta.  I've played extensively Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and 
Final Fantasy XI.  I've seen Eve Online, City of Heroes, Dark Ages of 
Camelot and a few less memorable massively multiplayer games being played. 
All had major frustrations, but WoW seems well thought out and well 
implemented.  If you sign up, drop me a note and I'll let you know what 
server we're on.  There's no list of the release servers yet so we haven't 
picked one yet.

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