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Wed Nov 10 18:44:35 UTC 2004

I'm not sure whether that was the question.   The question was whether
there was a way to create generic reports that get applied to whatever
the "current product" is, just like the 'My Bugs' query is applied to
whomever the current user is.

Is there anything like this in BZ?  

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   I am copying the newsgroup since this belongs there rather than on 
the developers list.

   2.19 has a new whining feature that would let you schedule reports 
from saved queries to be sent to you on a schedule.


Stuart Donaldson wrote:

> Is there a solution for customizing standard reporting?
> in particular, I am thinking about something with more specifics than 
> the standard series information uses.  I want to create a series of 
> standard reports for things like:
> <snip>
> I know I can set up bookmarks for these, but I run upwards of 30-40 
> products, and more coming on line all the time, so having to do this 
> specifically for each product is a big pain.
> -Stuart-

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