Login error when trying to use bugzilla-submit utility.

Paulo Casanova paulo.casanova at link.pt
Fri May 28 15:30:28 UTC 2004

Well, you could always hack post_bug.cgi and, when CheckFormField is called
(you can search for it as all calls are next each other) and change it from:

CheckFormField(\%::FORM, 'bug_status',   [$::unconfirmedstate, 'NEW']);


CheckFormField(\%::FORM, 'bug_status',   [$::unconfirmedstate, 'NEW',

of, course, I don't assume any responsability on this :) and you should but
it back as soon as you have finished your migration...

Note that I didn't test this and I'm not an expert on perl either :)


On 5/27/04 21:46, "Christian Robottom Reis" <kiko at async.com.br> wrote:

> (Hi everyone -- just in from Morocco)
> On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 07:21:48PM -0400, Kethees Murugupillai wrote:
>> I finally started migrating the TestTrack bugs to bugzilla but faced a
>> problem - when the status is set to AGGIGNED or CLOSED I get the following
>> error:
>> bugzilla-submit: status 'ASSIGNED' is not a valid creation status in this
>> Bugzilla instance
>> bugzilla-submit: status 'CLOSED' is not a valid creation status in this
>> Bugzilla instance
>> even though the status ASSIGNED and CLOSED exist in the database. Is it
>> because we can import only NEW bugs? Is there any way to import these bugs?
> Yes, you can currently only *open* NEW bugs. There could be a way around
> this, but it would require changes to the backend (we'd need a way to be
> able to force setting states upon bug creation, which would require
> a security evaluation of this feature since bugzilla-submit's interface
> is a simple CGI post). Anyone have an opinion on this?
> Importing bugs this way might be better served by a database import
> script.
> Take care,
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