DBD::Mysql and Perl on Solaris 9 for Bugzilla

Donovan, Chris Chris.Donovan at team.telstra.com
Mon May 3 23:09:17 UTC 2004


     I admit that the following bit of information may not be relevant for some as it isn't really directly related to development of bugzilla but something I felt should be mentioned.

     I just finished installing Bugzilla on Solaris 9.  I had a few issues with installing the perl module DBD::Mysql.  My problem was I installed the binary package for MySQL and did not compile from source(.so vs. .a libraries).  Now everything but this one module(DBD::Mysql) worked great.  My `make test` kept failing because it couldn't find certain libraries.  Specifically mysqlclient.so could not be found.  I am not a developer so I had a fun time figuring this out even though it says so right in the error message.  I didn't know the difference between a shared object and a static one and now I do (:

     I just thought perhaps it was worth mentioning in the install documentation available on the web (and all else if possible) that you need the shared objects for DBD::Mysql.  I have read through the DBD::Mysql docs and nothing mentions needing the source code for mysql or the shared objects, but obviously to me they are needed.

     Anyways it is finally installed.  I would be happy to provide some scripts as to the failings and to the successfull installs I have had if anyone would like.  I saved them in a `script` session.  I hope this gets put into the docs for future sys admins so they can install Bugzilla for their misc projects without this headache.


Chris Donovan-

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