Partial custom fields design document

Gervase Markham gerv at
Sat Mar 27 11:16:59 UTC 2004

MattyT wrote:
> While schema and programmatic interfaces are important, the details of
> these are also uninteresting and not major.

Heartily disagree. ;-) For those of us who have to maintain it, they are 
interesting and of importance. But I agree the questions you raise below 
are more important.

> We need a document that answers the major questions of how the system
> hangs together, such as:

Heartily agree with the whole list (snipped).

> Given that you don't need this, I think each field should have its own
> bugs field or separate table as per now.  I can understand the current
> system doesn't require any schema changes, but I don't see that as a big
> enough issue to warrant doing things this way.

If we are making custom fields product-specific instead of global (which 
I believe is the plan), then we shouldn't add them to the bugs table.

Giving each field a separate table means that every Bugzilla which uses 
custom fields will have a different schema. This could really come back 
to bite us.


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