Use of "Future"

Gervase Markham gerv at
Sun Mar 21 13:44:03 UTC 2004

MattyT wrote:

> Feature and date based releases are about (not) making commitments. 
> Target milestones are a best guess and guide, they were never
> commitments.  

Sure. But they aren't our _best_ guess if we start by targetting a lot 
of bugs at them that we have no idea whether they are going to be fixed 
in 2.20 or not.

>>IMO, we need some way for people (including us) to get an idea of what 
>>is currently planned to be fixed in the next milestone. The "Milestone" 
>>field seems a good choice for this. Ideally, the number of bugs planned 
>>for 2.20 (for example), should start at X and decline gradually to zero 
>>about six months later.
> We already have this - two ways in fact.  Both having an active
> assignee, and the ASSIGNED status.

I'd say that indicates what bugs are currently being worked on, not what 
bugs anyone is planning to work on between now and six months time.


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