Win32: what PPM repository to suggest in

David Miller justdave at
Thu Mar 18 02:42:17 UTC 2004

On 3/17/2004 11:58 AM -0800, Bruce Armstrong \[TeamSybase\] wrote:

>Got it.  I've just grabbed the tip and am checking it out.
>Along the lines of documentation for the Windows weenies like me though,
>we could probably also use:
>a. Instructions on using WinCVS to do a tip pull.  Took me about 20
>mintues to figure out how to tell WinCVS I wanted the tip.
>b.  More discussion in the configuration page on configuring Bugzilla
>under IIS (which I'm assuming most Windows users will end up using).
>c.  Perhaps some discussion in the extra configuration page about using
>utilities like nnCron to implement cron capability on Windows, since it's
>not native to that platform.

Best written by someone who's actually done it before. :)  (I can tell you
now that most of the existing documentation maintainers have probably never
seen IIS or WinCVS before).

If you'd like to write up your experiences, I'm sure one of the docs guys
can format it to fit in the docs and put it in.
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