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My bad.  It's the build of ActiveState that is the issue.  I just tried with the later build and the instructions in the documentation are correct for that one.

David Miller <justdave at> wrote:On 3/9/2004 1:03 PM +0200, Andrei Benea wrote:

> Justdave suggested in:
> to discuss on this list the ppm repository to be included in Bugzilla's
> Windows installation instructions ( The proposed URL is now
> Mirrors for this repository can be found at:
> I've chosen this one because it includes all ActivePerl packages needed by
> Bugzilla except Chart::Base (which is optional).
> Andrei.

We're trying to make more friendly to Win32. Part of this is
having the "missing perl modules" output actually give the necessary
commands to use PPM to install the Perl modules if running on Win32.

The problem is: not all of the modules we require are available in
ActiveState's official PPM repository. Thus the patch on the
above-mentioned bug also changes the output to suggest using Apache's PPM

The call here is to get opinions on this from Windows folks of whether this
is a good repository to suggest, or if there's another we should be using?
We've recommended OpenInteract's repository for the Template and AppConfig
modules in the docs, but that was only because Template-Toolkit's site
suggests that one for obtaining Template Toolkit. And apparently
OpenInteract's site doesn't have some of the other modules.

Thoughts anyone?
Dave Miller Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System
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