Partial custom fields design document

Sean McAfee etzwane at
Fri Mar 12 02:40:28 UTC 2004

Hi folks--

It's been suggested that the best way to kick-start the process of getting
custom fields functionality into the core is to start with a design document
that all can agree on.  Makes sense to me.  Accordingly, I've started
drawing up a document that describes the design of my latest custom fields

Rather than wait the several days I anticipate it will take to crank the
entire thing out, I plan to post it here, incrementally, as I complete it.
I'll work any changes agreed upon by the group into subsequent versions.
The initial cut is attached; have at it!


I've added some comments about the document itself; they appear in square

I really need to add an introductory "basic terminology" section.  I use set
terminology to describe selection fields which really needs some set-up.

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