The Road to 2.18

jay ball jay at
Thu Mar 11 19:35:45 UTC 2004

My 0.02¢

Freeze it now and call it 2.18 ASAP.  With the new bugzilla release 
cycle of early and often, we're going to have 2.20 in four to six 
months anyway.  Many people [including myself] want the custom fields 
patch, but there is no way to vet it in the small time period before 
March 15 (or whenever the suggested freeze date was).  So, forget it 
for 2.18 and begin the major push to get it into 2.20.

It has been 1.5 years since 2.16 and bugzilla has evolved since then.  
let's give the bugzilla public the wonderful new features that are 
added now, in a non-beta (2.17) form.


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