What ever happened to Bugzilla 3?

Barnboy bz at barnson.org
Wed Mar 10 19:31:34 UTC 2004

What ever happened to Bugzilla 3?  The last CVS log information is from November of 2001 regarding the design, and nothing after that.  Did enthusiasm simply die off, or was there a larger reason for not wanting to move to a large redesign?

I totally missed it somewhere along the line, and just had an off-list conversation with a couple of people completely unaware that, at one time, we'd planned a complete redesign with a normalized database, database independence, etc.etc.  Not complaining, by the way, just curious where it ever went.

Well, obviously, it went nowhere.  And the obvious answer is probably "nobody wanted to do it".  I'm interested if there were additional reasons...

Matthew P. Barnson
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