The Road to 2.18

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Mar 9 14:18:52 UTC 2004

Christopher Hicks wrote:

>>>It's eerily similar to my utter
>>>discouragement at trying to get an obvious one-line patch added.  
>>Bug number?
> 225221
("longdescs table needs a primary key")

I think calling that an "obvious one-line patch" is rather far from the 
truth. Jouni, bbaetz and I all had comments - which means that the right 
thing to do wasn't actually obvious.

When told that there was need for more than the one-liner, you said: 
"Pushing all of this onto somebody trying to get their first simple 
patch through seems a very effective way to keep the database structure 
dorked." Who would you have do the necessary additional work if not you?

On the other hand, I should have paid the bug more attention and given 
more help. Mea culpa - I just didn't have time. Apologies for that.


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