Contibuting to Bugzilla

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Mar 9 08:41:46 UTC 2004

David Miller wrote:
> I don't think anyone's grappling with the desirability of it (except maybe
> Gerv).  Gerv is often a bit out of touch, because most of these things get
> discussed in IRC, and he's seldom there. 

I think it's somewhat unreasonable to ask someone with a day job and in 
a different timezone to hang around there when you lot in the US are - 
but that's the way it is.

However, I'd appreciate it if the mailing list could be informed when 
something is decided - like, perhaps, a decision to go for 2.18 and do 
an rc1 - rather than finding out when people start adding statuses for 
it to bugs.


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